How to test new features in a PRO copy app then promote a PRO

Guys, I´d like to test a new feature, for instance, Stripe Payment in a PRO version but I wouldn’t like to make the changes in an actual app.
But when I make a copy, the clone is like a free app with limited rows.
Supposing that the features works, is it possible to promote the free clone app in a PRO version?
How do u implement new features in your app? In a test app or directly in the production app?
Thx in adv


I agree Pls add this feature! #feature-requests

Publishing Control would allow you to make changes to a Pro app without committing to them, so you could test changes before publishing them to the public. That’s a feature in staging that will be released in the future.

As far a promoting the free clone app, yes you could add another pro subscription or transfer an existing pro subscription to the new copy. All you would have to do is adjust your app url so it points to the copied app.

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Thx Jeff. I’m assuming that today it´s not possible to test the changes or even roll back. right?
As far as promoting the free clone I guess it seems to be a risky task that I am afraid of going wrong.

Now after months of the app working, with no answer of support when I needed I’m afraid to do anything. Anyway, thx so much.

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Correct. Any changes you make to a production app change in real time for the user. You could get creating with tab or component visibility, so new features are only visible by you, but that’s the only option at the moment.

Understandable that you don’t want risk affecting your users with changes. Hopefully the publishing control feature will come out of staging soon. As for myself, my user base is only a couple of users, so it’s much easier for me to make changes in production without too much risk. Usually when I do, or if I’m making large changes, I try to make only small changes at a time, and try to do it in a way that only I can see the changes until I’m ready for the other users to see them.

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I’m with over 5k users! Well what do u think? First,make clone, copy the source and make the tests.
If everything fine I promote the clone to production app.

I have to learn how to do it!
What u think?

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I don’t know if I have a good answer. It’s not something I’ve had to deal with myself. Hopefully others can share what they have done.

  • You could create a copy, make your changes in the copied version to test them, then duplicate those same changes in the production version.
  • You could create a copy, make your changes, then transfer the subscription to the new copy and flip the urls between the two apps. (There could be a short period of time where the users are affected while you are doing this though.)

I guess it’s whatever you are most comfortable with.

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How exactly is one Pro subscription transferred to a copy? I read the comments above and am very interested, as I need to do this. Thanks