Test version before publish

I have an app published and running and paid. I´d like to test some new features but when I make a copy, the free version is full. what u suggest to do or what do u do when u need to develop a new feature?

Many thx

You can turn off auto-publishing, test in the builder, and then when you’re ready, publish the changes.

An alternative is to have a copy that holds as little data as it could, enough for you to test the new features, and do your work in there. However, it’s double work for you since you have to re-do those flows in the real app later.

I always turn off auto-publishing on my pro app. There are many good reasons for this. One, if I break something, there is an option to discard the changes rather than publish them. The second reason is you really don’t want your users to get all the interim changes as you add a new feature. It will be confusing for them. The last reason I can think of is that you can make an announcement about the new feature to train and prepare your users for it.

That said, I also always make a copy of my app before making substantial changes… As you said, it will be “full”, but in an emergency situation, you can always upgrade the backup to PRO and not lose any data, and you will be back where you were on the PRO app, which you can then downgrade.


Thx guys. Just clarifying If I’m not wrong, I can turn-off auto-publishing in the PRO version that is ON, I’m meaning, it´s running, right? I didn’t know that I could do it.

So turn-off auto-pub ( I need to find where it´s)
Make the changes
After I decide if I publish or not

Click share


You can then choose whether to auto publish or not, turn off to control when you want to publish.

When it is ‘off’ you get a ‘share’ and ‘publish’ button. When you have made all you changes you can then publish them. :clap:



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