Switching from Legacy Pro to Teams Pro

I’m on a legacy Public Pro account and I am switching to a Team Pro account. I already signed up for the Teams Pro plan but I’m worried about cancelling my old subscription!

Will I lose data/rows once it temporarily goes down to a free account? Does anything change? Or do I simply cancel and move to teams and everything will be fine :sweat_smile:

You won’t lose anything, but the app will temporarily hide data that exceeds the 500 rows while in transition. Rows will visibly be restored once upgraded.

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OK and my app won’t change? Because I just tried to make a copy of my app for back up and the copy looks insane, and nothing like my app, whereas all previous copies looked exactly the same as mine.

Did you “duplicate” the app or did you “make an app from data”?
Option 1 makes exact copy.
Option 2 creates a brand new app with Glide-generated screens/components

I always do “duplicate” and then copy sheet

this is my app:

and this is the copy it made:

Looks like the duplicate might be created on the new Apps vs old?

Are you 100% certain that you didn’t choose the “New App from data…” option?

CleanShot 2023-06-21 at 11.30.09@2x

It is right under the “Duplicate” option, so would be easily to select by mistake. And the next screen that you get is exactly the same in both cases.

Try it again, and I bet it works :wink:

Ugh you’re right, I must have hit it by mistake. Why am I such a flake :sweat_smile:


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