Swap URLs

My team has been working on an app for a while now, and we have been testing out new features in different copies of the app. We have activated the PRO version in the app which we have published. We wish to rollout the copy of the app instead of the published app now, how do we swap URLs?

I would suggest you to write to Glide Support to shift Pro Subscription to your copies app. Once that is done, set up custom domain for your copied app.

Thank you for the reply. I just have one more doubt- won’t we have to reshare the app link again to our customers? Or will it be automatic?

You can do all this yourself without bothering Glide Support.

You already have an answer to your question about swapping the URL’s.

As fas as the subscription goes, all you need to do is downgrade the plan on the currently published app, and a credit will be applied to your account. You can then upgrade the replacement app and that credit will be used towards the cost of the upgrade. It should be a cost-neutral exercise.

If you use the same URL for the replacement app, the change should be mostly transparent to your users.


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