Too much google sync

switch to my system… no edits… no updates… no syncs… no rows limit… :rofl: Pages or Apps… I have them both.

do you have a migration tool?

:rofl: Конечно у него есть :slight_smile: только это стоит как 100 месяцев на Вашем тарифе :slight_smile:
Извиняюсь, что вмешиваюсь!
Но вы получите и технологию тоже, наверняка!

Давно писали в поддержку? Что они ответили?

I am a new user to glide and have a similar question about syncs. I sent a support but realized email support not available to the Starter package. Have a simple google sheet for my starter project. My 1st month just finished and reset the counts. My sheet has had no edits. We are on school break and nothing being updated on that sheet. Not opened. Nothing. But today there were 3 syncs applied. I then opened the sheet to check google history for any edits done, there were none. But then the sync count went to 6 syncs immediately.
This does not seem normal. No cell was changed or edited on the Google sheet. Why opening the sheet up would cause 3 additional new syncs?

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for 11 hours
1 add
12 edit
42 sync

over 200 visitors played with my samples… and this is my usage report :rofl:

сутки назад. первый ответ пришел 4 часа назад. пока ничего не ясно.

is it about this topic problem?

kind of… that proves, Glide does not count randomly… or cheat… so that is the good news… now why is your counter going… is all about your GS refreshing,

all say: if sync appear, but information the same as it in Glide - sync not counted.

in my GS - no any new data, because there are no any formulas.
so, what else could be?

GS is refreshing, which triggers Glide, turn off auto-refreshing, and do not open GS for a day… when you open a sheet… sheet will refresh.
check the sheet settings:

also not open Glide Editor… I do not know if that will refresh sheets to sync… also opening a life app might count as sync… because it takes fresh data… but it might not… many times I need to refresh editor to sync sheets with live app

on change and every hour.
but “this affects how often NOW, TODAY, RAND and RANDDETWEEN are updated”
i don’t use this or any other comand.

now i choice “on change” only. will see.
after a while will add new row through app and see how it will be represented in usage

it does not help.
in normal user use that make 2 edit - also make 2 sync

some investigation and suspicies.

in my team folder i found a copy of app (as bekup) that linked to same GS. that copy not published, and i guess should not be synced in case of deleted structure in GS.

but who knows…

if i make a copy, and it will be linked to same GS, but not published - it will use SYNC or not?

@DJP @david @DarrenHumphries can you reply about this? should warry about copies or not?

report for last day (24h):
1 add, 57 edit, 38 sync
for clear: about ADD and EDITS - all ok, as it should be.
but SYNC - must be a zero…

Yes, this could be a source of Syncs. An unpublished project will not use Adds, Edits, or Deletes.

However, an unpublished project can use Syncs if it’s connected to an external data source that has data that is changing.

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ok. will keep it in mind for future.

in my situation - it should not affect as there are a yellow rectangle that ask for decision about syncing. and it should be uncynced several month…

about unpublishet project.

when it synced (get data from GS)? right after appear new data in GS or when app opened in builder?

and other question connected to this situation:
if in GS some column was deleted - Glide stop syncing whole GS or just table where was deleted column, or just a delited column?

problem still exist.
please help

:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:
16 days until refresh
just 173 updates for work and 1092 sync that must be just about 5