Toggle Component

Maybe this is possible already but I’d like to be able to add an expandable / collapsible toggle to my app, to enable users to access detailed information without navigating between pages. I don’t want to display the detailed information on the page because it’ll add clutter and it’ll be checked infrequently.

My workaround to create a similar functionality is to add a choice picker, with the detailed information populating its values:

Which gives me this output:

But this doesn’t work perfectly because I still have to select a column that contains the data for the picker, even though there isn’t any.

You can just add any component that will set a value to true or false using a custom action, and then conditionally show or hide other components based on that value.

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Thanks, that works ok too. But I find that feeding data (the true or false value), into my spreadsheet and then back again can be quite slow. So perhaps you’d get better performance from an inbuilt feature that works more like the picker, in terms of displaying a pre-populated list of values when it’s selected.

So what you should do is write the value to a User Specific column, and then it will be instant. (And you will also avoid the problem of users getting in each others way as they change the value).


That works great, thanks for the tip!