My app’s URL: https://zlsdj.glideapp.io/

My app has a one entry a day rule.
I used the =Today() formula on a sheet I have for controls for my entire sheet (choice options, today, etc).
I created a relation + LookUp to tell me who entered on =TODAY() and to limit their view if they have.
When I tested, everything worked exactly like it should.
But when a new day came, my data editor didn’t update =Today() until went in and reloaded the sheet.
Should it have updated when the sheet updated based on the formula
Or will I just need to reload GlideApps every day at midnight.

Can you try navigating to File > Spreadsheet settings, change the calculation to On change and every minute/hour?

That sounds like it might work.
Will try it and let you know if it worked.

I’d also consider creating a relation using user’s email to your sheet that contains the entries, then create a rollup to get the latest date, then create an if/then column that compares the rollup date to Today and return ‘true’ or ‘false’. You can use the true/false as a condition for the form button to submit a new entry.

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See here.

Automatic changes to the data in your sheet—e.g. updates caused by formulas like TODAY, IMPORTXML, IMPORTRANGE, etc.; or changes caused by services like Zapier or Integromat—do not cause your app to update (see Background Refresh below). This is because Google Sheets only notifies Glide of changes made by people, and does not notify Glide of changes made by formulas or services.

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I created a trigger to write the letter “k” between Midnight and 1am every day.
I created another one around 6am to delete it.
The “k” was written and the =TODAY() updated itself within the app.

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