Sheet update at midnight (automatization)

Hey people,

I’ve got a problem with the update of Google Sheets. I have an App that shows different content each day. To update the content each day, I use a column with the function today() in sheet.

I thought, at midnight each day the date will change to the current one. This however is somehow not the case. I always have to open the sheet (or write something in the sheet) and only then it updates the content.

Not: I have set the settings to “Update at change and hourly” in sheets.

What can I do so that I don’t have to open sheets every day at 00:00 to update my App :smiley:

Thank you a lot!

Yeah, that’s not a very good idea :wink:

You don’t need to do anything in Google Sheets for this.
To replicate your “today” column, create a Math column in Glide and use the special “Now” value as a replacement value:


Haha… Nice! Thank you :smiley: