Make date calculations in a math column

New to Glide, trying to build a rather simple app for a friend who installs boilers.

What we want is to create an app that records the basic data about his customers and their boiler installations. By combining install date and maintenance interval (in months), the app should then build a list of the upcoming maintenance appointments for all his customers.

Creating the sheet and the app for the basic data is easy. Calculating things like the age of the installation and the next maintenance date turns out to be harder to do in the app. In the sheet it’s no problem, but the calculations involve the NOW() function and this doesn’t get updated automatically.

I’ve been searching though the forums… Is the only hope for me to go Pro? I’m not unwilling to do this eventually, but I’m still deciding whether Glide is for me. Having basic date/time calculations in the app would be a lot easier and faster.

Hi Friso!

You could try change your recalculation setting in your google spreadsheet at:

File > Spreadsheet settings > “On change and every minute”

This affects how often the NOW, TODAY, RAND, and RANDBETWEEN functions are updated.

This will make the entire sheet update itself every minute, on the server side, regardless of whether you have the spreadsheet up in your browser or not.

Personally, I have PRO and I haven’t problems with updating in a cell that tells me if a restaurant is open or closed.

I’ve tried this and it doesn’t work because those updates don’t count as sheet edits. You’d have to go pro for background refresh.

Thanks Mauricio and Robert for you replies. Shame that the only solution is to go pro, I think date calculations should be part of the free product; they’re needed so often for even the most basic things.