Delay updating if statement - "if Today"

My If statement comparing the date of a record to Today displays one image if true, and another image if false. The image did not update when my client checked his app at 4am today. But it updated shortly after, and this happened two days in a row, so he’s wondering what is going on. He has an iphone X, US.

Also my iphone7 won’t open any glideapps right now. I haven’t had any problems for a while. This just started the same day my client started having his issue. Connected?

Can’t post app or google sheet because its not for public viewing. Any help would be much appreciated!

Are you getting “Today” and performing the check within glide, or is it happening in the Google sheet. If it’s happening in the sheet, I would move that logic to Glide. Sheet data needs to sync and if nobody has the app open, it’s not syncing, so that could explain the delay if they are the first users in the app for the day. Doing everything in glide should make it work instantly.

Thanks for the response. Yes, the if statement is all being done in glide and it’s using glide’s “is today” condition statement.