Open Closed

So on my app on the Employee side I’d put in a slider button that sets the Customer side of the app splash page image to say open or closed.

However, it takes me refreshing the customer side build of the apps Sheet to get the image to change.

I’ve used the link cell option in sheets so it checks if the box is checked or not so:

=IF(E2, TRUE(use this image), FALSE (use this image)

Is it just a delay and I’m not waiting long enough or is it not switching the images because of something else.

Any advise would be fantastic!

I think this is just a delay. It can take up to a few minutes for Google to notify Glide that a change has been made within the sheet. Are you using 1 or 2 apps pointing to the same sheet? If you are using 1 app, then I think using the new If-Then-Else column would give you a quicker response time. If you are using to apps, then the formula in the sheet would probably be the best option, but you just have to wait.

The “employee” app has a switch to select open closed and the customer category show the image for open or closed

Does it ultimately work if you give it a few minutes?

You can also use our new If Then Else column to make switching faster, but this is likely a delay in coordination between two apps. We have plans to speed this up when using multiple apps with the same sheet.

Ultimately it does update after 2 or 3 minutes so it’s manageable just switch it 5 mins before open and 5 mins before closed till its available for real time update