The copied inline list, "show new screen", works as an independent screen

the copied inline list, show new screen works kind of like an independent screen… it does copy elements but when you change something, it will not change in other items in that list… I have to go and change it manually… and when you add a new item to the list it will copy the last item on the list settings

Noticed that too. I think it’s not a bug, but an expected behavior. The action is called “Show NEW screen”, so it shows the new one all the time you copying that.

It should show the same screen for all the items on that list… and it does… but once I change something, in one of the items… it doesn’t change for other items in that list… I don’t think this is how it should work. In the original list… changes are affecting all items

@david it is a bug, and it will be fixed, or is it by design? if is by design… I’m gonna have to rebuild some of my apps :frowning:

I believe behavior you described belongs to «Show detail screen». «Show new screen» duplicates previous settings when copied. I think it looks pretty much like a new branch in user scenario, so these are separate independent screens in fact.

hmmm… I don’t know if that’s what it should be… show new screen should be the same for all items in that list… only if I choose the independent option then each item will have independent screens… when I add a new item… it has the same screen like other items… problem start, when I edit elements, it won’t change for other items

also, I’m dealing with a new bug now… action after submitting a form, it sets wrong values… something is not right likly