Text to Date problem

What am I doing wrong?

It is obviously not the correct date

When you expand the Birthday Date column, what is showing as the time?

Screenshot 2022-12-19 at 21.49.33

If you go to https://time.is, does the time correspond with your local time? Is there any warning on the page about your clock being wrong? Seems that something is causing the time to back up by 2 hours. I can’t reproduce it, but I wonder if your browser or OS has the wrong time or timezones set. I’m assuming you are in the GMT+1 zone?

text is 1 12 2014
This is a common - all Glide’s time plugins return wrong date time

The date seems to be correct. When I use glides Text to Date link, it works as well. Only inside of glide it doesn’t work

the problem is with indicating a time zone, and which one is a month and which is a day… so don’t rely on this… unless the text has month as a name and is including Z zone… script has no way to know how to decode that date, it will show the first returning response… and sometimes is not what you are looking for…
01/11/12… January 11/2012?.. or November 1 /1012 or December 11/3001… :wink:

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What is the timezone that you have set on your computer. I have a suspicion that it doesn’t match what it should be. I can kind of duplicate the issue if I change my timezone to one that does not match my current location.

You could adjust the timezone in the Text to Date column by adding UTC+2 in the timezone column, but that might not be reliable depending on how widespread your app is.

As a workaround, if time is not very important, you could add an hour of 1 to your template and parse that as well. Not great, but something to try.

no luck

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Oddly, I get the correct date, but a time of noon. I would expect midnight. Didn’t catch that right away.

Aug 6, 2014

wrong date, wrong time

I’ve been debugging the code for a while and I don’t know why it’s doing this, but if you don’t specify a timezone, it seems to be calculating the timezone and offset based on your local system. It seems wrong to me, but I can’t find a way around it.

I’m wondering if this is a side affect from when Glide added the ‘Respect Time Zones’ feature. Maybe by default, it’s trying to convert to your local timezone when it shouldn’t.

You may need to submit this to glide support.

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I test it, and it looks like Glide is adjusting GMT offset in the wrong direction… instead of subtracting… is adding… so my solution is to get Navigator GMT offset and substract from Date to Text column:

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Big thanks for advice, Uzo!
In this moment i no need to immediately solution, because if i will use it in a customer app and then Glide have to change plugin behavior to right way this may affect customer service and meaning.

Also big thanks for Jeff_Hager!

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