Problem with the 'text to date' - missing a day, what it wrong?

Hi, My users are having difficult time using Glide’s built in calendar .
So I thought of creating of my own, The user have to choose the Year, month and day separately.
And then I will combine it and format it to date so I can calculate the user’s age.

I am using ‘text to date’ but it missing a day and I don’t know what to do.

Thank you

That does seem odd. It seems to be working correctly for me, but it also seems like Glide does incorrect things with dates sometimes. When you click on one of the cells in the date column, what does it show for the underlying ISO formatted date and time? I’m guessing it’s offsetting the time by enough hours to show the previous day.

Have you tried playing with the Locale or Timezone settings? What happen when you put GMT as the timezone? What county do you live in?

Another thing you could try is to add a time to you date. Maybe that will force it to midnight of the correct day, or at least force it to the correct day.

In my case, adding time of 00:00 offsets the time by adding 12 hours, but I’m not sure why. I actually end up with 12:00, which is noon instead of midnight, which is obviously wrong. Both when using hh and using HH to parse the hour. So there is a bug somewhere, but it seems to present itself differently to different people.

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