Why does GlideApps subtract 1 day from date chosen (Airtable)?

Here’s what’s happening:

  1. User picks a day from the regular date field in a form screen :white_check_mark:
  2. AirTable updates with correct date chosen :white_check_mark:
  3. GlideApps updates with whatever the chosen date was minus 1 day​:x::pensive:


  1. I tested with multiple dates & it still does this
  2. I changed the row type inside of glide to text field, still the same issue

very strange how Glideapps shows a date 1 day behind the chosen date but Airtable has the correct information…

Why doesn’t Glideapps update to what airtable shows?
Why does Glideapps subtract a whole day from user input?

I think I found the solution, these were checked off in the date field within AirTable, I just unchecked them and it works. Not sure why, does someone have an explanation? <3

What time zone are you in? I think there’s a time zone problem here when data is synced to Glide. It may have converted your dates to a timezone in the past.

A few months ago there was an issue where Glide would incorrectly handle daylight saving time with Google Sheets. When a date was entered in Glide that didn’t include any time, the actual value in Glide was the date with midnight as the time. The issue would incorrectly subtract an hour in the Google Sheet but not in Glide (or the other way around) and date would be a day in the past because midnight of the selected day turned into 11PM of the day before it.

This probably doesn’t apply here, and has probably since been fixed. I only mention it to assist in your troubleshooting.

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