Problem in dates with timezone etc

Hello, I don’t know if I’m the only one to have noticed it but there are problems in the dates because of the different timezones.

For example, in our CRM we have to enter the dates of birth of the customers and for us it is much easier and faster to enter a date in this way: 01/12/1992 than the date picker.

The problem is that when we do it like this, in our database the date will be recognized as January 12, 1992, while in our zone it corresponds to December 1, 1992.

So yes, some experts will give me the solution that I already know (text to date etc select timezone etc…).

But what I would suggest is that in the options of our application we can select the timezone of our app and force it.

Because yes, I already have the solution to my problem, but if we want to make Glide as simple as possible for people who don’t necessarily have all our knowledge, it can quickly become restrictive.

Just curious - how exactly are you doing this?
Are you entering directly via the Glide Data Editor, or are you using a Text Entry component and directing it at a Datetime column?

Either way, here is a tip.

Instead of entering as 01/12/1992, enter it as 1 dec 92, or even dec 1 92.
If you do it that way, you should find that Glide interprets it correctly.

Yes, exactly. We entry this in a text comp, if we put 24.12.2022 he gonna take the right date because month 24 dosent exist, but if we put 11.12.2022 he just gonna swipe the dates.

Thanks for your tip, i prefer use the text to date because here we work with dates with the format like i said in top. But your tip was really good too.