What am I doing wrong with the text to date glide plugin?


I have a Single Value column that contains the last date from a list of dates. I’m converting this using Text to Date plugin. However this doesn’t seem to work correctly.

It’s not giving me the right date. How do I set the right locale?


I encountered a similar issue with the Format Date plugin a couple of days ago:

Which date format is used in your location? (dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy)


I might be wrong, but I think that you need FormatDate calculated column and not TextToDate. Then you can use Luxon to format it as you like. For example, dd.MM.yyyy. will be 01.11.2021. (1st of November).

@Darren_Murphy Yes. It doesn’t see to recognise the locale. Do you know the syntax of how to update the Locale in the Text To Date configuration?

My locale uses the dd/mm/yyyy format.

@Mozza I did try that but it the resulting column doesn’t seem to work correctly in Date math.

I tried adding +30 days to it

I think it’s a bug. I’ve reported it as an issue.

I think that you should do your calculations with original date column and not with formated date. And then format the given result again.

I did it without any problems.

Sorry for the million replies… I could write this in one post. Essentially, you will need two date/time columns (one will be a reference date and the other will be with days added), and you will have to create two FormatDate columns to display those dates as you wish.
Hope this will help.