Something is wrong with Date Format mm/dd and dd/mm

I have a column that formats the date and extracts only the day. In the database it looks correct, 17.

When I try to display that field with a text field, it does not appear.

The system thinks that instead of 17/02 DD/MM it is 02/17 MM/DD, and since the month 17 does not exist, it breaks.

If I change the date to 12/02, it works.

Do I have to do anything special with the formatting?

I wouldn’t rely on the date plugins, especially if you use dd/mm/yyyy format.

I would just use a math column with this formula instead:


mmm, I’m new in Glide and I’m trying to not “hack” the css, html, to prevent future crashes. But that list of special column types are not reliable? I thought that since they were already available they were part of the core of the system.

It’s right, it’s another bug of this plugin using an non-US format date.

Your plan B as Jeff wrote is to use a Math column instead.


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try to use it in the template column first

it’s a good thing I realized… thank you!

Hola de nuevo!

If your browser is set to US English, the values are shown on screen perfectly. This plugin is a headache working with non-US formats . :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I think @SantiagoPerez can take it and report this annoying issue.


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Another thing, thats in the system column, not in the plugin “fomat date”

How can I change the date in the first row to: “11 march” in the admin panel?

Captura de pantalla 2022-02-17 a las 20.09.50

If I type “11/3” it converts to “3 november”, and if I type “3/11” stays in november too…

Captura de pantalla 2022-02-17 a las 20.10.34

I’m starting to get desperate, I’ve spent all afternoon just to get a tab to show me the events of a specific day. As you can not directly (rare) I finally discovered that there is a column that you can filter and extract the day. Then it turns out that it has a bug. And now I can’t change a date from the database. My God :smiley:

I know what you mean (suffer) :rofl:

Glide uses the US format to work with dates (internally) but your APP uses your browser’s format date to show data.

If both formats are different and you want to manipulate date values manually in GDE (editor), use the Date picker component in order to have the right value in cell otherwise, you will face the troubles you are describing.



Just typing 11/3 is a little ambiguous. If you are manually typing in a date, I would at least type it in yyyy/mm/dd format, or just spell it out as November 3. Glide is remarkably good at converting text to dates. You can even type in ‘3 months from now’ and it will give you the actual date 3 months from now.


I have a similar problem, whereby on Android device it shows dd/mm/yy but on iOS it shows mlm/dd/yy.

This was using the Math and Template column.

Sometimes the computed columns doesn’t even appear!

Formatted dates will show differently based on whichever region/locale that the device is set to. That could be a setting in the OS and/or the browser. Are you sure that both the android and the iOS devices are set to the same region/locale?

When you say that the computed column doesn’t show sometimes, which type of column are you referring to specifically?

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