Text notifications

can one of u experts please help me with building a code or maybe sharing knowledge on how to get text messages notifcations for the glide app. please and thank you I need this done by next week

Some experts have had success with Twilio. I’m not one of them, unfortunately.

@Darren_Alderman has a nice video tutorial which I was able to follow and set up a button to send a text.

I believe the webhook I set up uses MAKE instead of Zapier, but the principle is the same.

I am still trying to get a text via a date/time-triggered text notification. But this is a start…


In short, as long as you define well the events when users should get a message then you can follow the Make x Twilio route as shown in Darren’s video.

Every time those events happen, send a payload to a Make webhook, then send message(s) via Twilio. If you have multiple numbers to send to, you have to iterate through a list of those numbers.

@ThinhDinh - how do you easily iterate through a list? For example, I have a table:

→ Team Name | Team Member | Text Number

I want to filter by TeamName and send a text to all members of TeamName. Does Glide have an ‘iterate’ capability (like a “While” clause)


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No, but if you’re using something like Make to send the messages then you can do the iteration there. Just create a joined list of the numbers, and send that via a webhook.

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