Looped Actions

A much-needed feature I think is the ability to loop a certain action chain. This is very important when it comes to code, and since Glide is one of the best No-Code tools out there this feature would easily take it up a notch!

I’ve had a few use cases for this too…specifically with the Add Row action.


Yes, this feature would be amazing to have and in combination with the if-function and other actions would be very powerful. It should be added to the Action editor similar to the if function.

My current situation where I needed this was a production list:

Product A consists of 2x Component A & 3x Component B

When planning to manufacture 100 of product A I’d like to automatically generate orders for 200 units Component A and 300 units of Component B

This is only possible at the moment with massive workarounds and limitations. (My example is simplified)

When I raised the issue in the help section quite a few people had the same issue and found very complex workarounds, but I think since not everyone here is a developer they may not be aware that a Loop Function is what they should be looking for. Maybe this is why this Feature Suggestion did not get much traction yet.

Maybe it makes sense to rename this feature request? Maybe we need to look at this more from a user function perspective. What are the things that become possible when adding this feature?

Adding this feature makes possible:

  • Adding multiple rows at once
  • Updating multiple entries

Any other ideas?

I know a loop function adds a lot of load to the Glide server. Maybe loops just time out after 2-3 minutes (similar to how App Script does it). Alternatively, you could give the user the option to limit the number of loops manually. For example limit to 5 loops. That would allow testing without adding thousands of new rows accidentally.

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This would allow me to solve some security-related problems I have too. I can’t have multiple emails in a row-owner column (using Glide tables), but could add a new row for each needed row owner.

@Kyan_Lynch you could go for Privat pro and use roles instead, potentially

Hey @Krivo, thanks for responding! I am already using a Role-based solution to allow multi-tenancy. I would need to be able to assign users multiple roles, which I don’t think I can do in Glide tables?

@Kyan_Lynch i haven’t tried it but it should be possible as I read the documentation in example 3

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