Looping ability with conditions in the Glide Data Editor

Hello Gliders, I have been using GlideApps for a while. Throughout the last 2 years, GlideApps has launches some phenomenal updates, one of which allowed for the deletions of multiple rows of a related item.

For instance, if i had two tables, one parent table containing the sales order details: (timestamp, order id, delivery location etc) and a child table, with the sales order items, essentially the product details (product name, quantity, price etc), I can perform the deletion of all the related glide rows in the sales order items (child table) even if I delete the parent sales order row. This is because Glide introduced looping deletions for related rows.

I was wondering, if Glide has something similar planned for row updates or additions?

A simple example would be as such: Let’s say Glide is being used to build a simple inventory tracker app, there is a slight complexity though.

All the products are made of sub parts. For example, a mobile phone (product 1) is made up of a screen (product a) and a metal body (product b). So when I need to increment the inventory value of the finished good, (mobile phone), the looping action would help me reduce the inventory of the sub-parts and also increase the inventory of finished good.

Now an easy shortcut would be to just set conditions for the number of sub parts. Example: if sub part count = 2 then run two actions and so on.

This is a manual and unreliable method because new products may have more raw materials and old product raw materials may change.

A looping feature would ensure that no matter how many raw materials, the loop would perform the increment or decrement action.





I hope you guys can see eye to eye on why a conditonal looping in the Glide Action Editor will be a paramount feature.

I suspect that this is something we might get later in the year in the next phase of advanced actions (not knowing that for a fact, just speculating).

In the meantime, my current approach to adding an indeterminate number of rows with a single action is to build a JSON structure, send that to Make via a webhook, and then have Make add the rows via the Glide API.

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Yes, that is a good alternative. I have even seen your videos on the APIs and webhooks integrations and i have figured out how to do it.

There are a few set backs though:

  1. You are charged for updates from Glide to make, updates in make and then again updates by make to glide.

  2. You have to define error handling protocols in your make scenario

I just think it would be much easier and faster if this was something that could be done in the glide data editor, natively.


That’s true, but it’s only a single webhook, and Make operations are relatively cheap.

Yep, absolutely agreed.

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