Common actions for different conditions

@Darren_Murphy @ThinhDinh

I have custom action on form submit. Actions are changed based on conditions.


Only actions that are changed is number of “Add Row” based on count. Is there any way I can specify common actions only once? I have to specify all actions in all conditions which is making it little time consuming. I may be wrong, just wanted to check if there is any other way around.


My man, you don’t know how much I want this to be a thing. We can duplicate things on the action level, but I really want to drill it down to be able to duplicate on the “sub-action” level. Webhooks/add rows/set columns can really take a bunch of time to configure.


Thank you for reply. I wish duplicating sub-actions are possible.

I have one more question. I was trying to create one more custom actions wherein based on count, number of rows should be added. Maximum there can 50 in numbers. I spent few hours to add actions but after 30-32, the glide editor became little slow and sadly, I don’t know why, on next day, out of 30, I could only see 20 actions (literally waste of time). It did not sync but not sure why.

Did you face similar issue? Since number of actions were so much, did you face slowness in adding more actions?

In my case of adding upto 50 Add Rows (based on conditions), can you help me how to use Glide API with Make while sending webhook?

I also wish, Glide should have “Repeating Actions” concept based on numbers. Airtable has recently added this feature. So if count is 20, “Add Row” should be repeated 20 times (with an option of dynamic values from array)

I never go more than 10 actions, to be honest, so I can’t say anything.

Why do you need so many actions?

He needs to add an arbitrary number of rows, and is trying to create a conditional for each possibility. It’s a brute force approach that doesn’t scale.

@Pratik_Shah - using Make & the Glide API is the correct approach to this. I think I might have posted on this before, I’ll see if I can find a reference and post a link later.


Hi @Darren_Murphy , Yes please. I don’t have any knowledge of API. if you have tutorial or something, that would be helpful.

Hi @Darren_Murphy I am having a question here. If we add rows through API, will it be counted in Updates?

Also, whenever you get a time, if you can share tutorial/help regarding how to do it using Glide API, that would be helpful.

Thank you

Yes, each add row will count as a single update - the same as it would if you were doing it as an action.

I’ll respond privately about this.