Conditional Add Rows


I created an app with a flow, that is a long series of if then elses and built like a long custom form.

At the end of this flow, I need to add rows to an Airtable table.

The tricky part is that depending on criterias of the long form, I need to add from 1 to 6 rows with 2 types of rows. So it means that on the submit button of the form i need to create a custom action with 12 branches (if criteria 1 is met and criteria 2 is met then…), and several actions under these 12 ifs.

It makes a super complicated action, which makes my app super slow.

I don’t see any ETA on if conditions in the middle of an action tree. Do you have any idea on how to avoid this big mess?

Thanks a lot

You’ll soon be able to do this within Glide (give it a couple months). Until then, anytime I hear someone asking for a dynamic amount of added rows, the first thing that comes to mind is to ultimately create a json object that contains each row’s worth of data in an array and send that to Make via a webhook so that you can send it back to Glide using the Glide API.


Okay great, thanks Robert!

Could describe a bit how you would do that? (or is there a link to one of your great videos?)

Thanks a lot