Add Multiple Rows on Button Press


I need to add multiple rows to a table from my existing list.

Is this possible in Maker plan?


Only if it’s a fixed number of rows, in which case you could simply chain a series of Add Row actions together in a custom action sequence.

If it’s a variable number of rows, you need to use the Glide API, so that wouldn’t be possible on a Maker Plan.

That said, I have seen some enthusiastic users with insane Custom Actions sequences with several branches like:

  • If numRows equals 1
    – Add Row
  • Else if numRows equals 2
    – Add Row
    – Add Row
  • Else if numRows equals 3
    – Add Row
    – Add Row
    – Add Row
  • etc…

So that could be an option, but I’m not sure that I would recommend it.

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Hi Darko, yes it is. You just need to set up a custom action which adds multiple rows. Something like the following:

In the case of the above, I had five Choice fields which I needed to add rows for if they were filled in. I solved this by using Conditional Branches so that if all five options are filled in, we add five rows, otherwise if four options are filled in we’d add four rows…etc.

(Edit - just read Darren’s reply. ‘enthusiastic’ and ‘insane’ is exactly the phrasing I’d use, I can’t deny it.)