How many "If" conditions can be added with On submit multi action?

Hey Gliders,

I seem not to be able to add more than 5 if conditions on a multi “on submit” action…
I even tried to break up the action by duplicating the button and guess what, the second actions were actually replacing the previous ones…
I am stuck here…

Here is what I am trying to achieve…
On the form that I am filling, I get to choose the number of months whether 3/4 up to 12 months.
Now I coupled the “If period is 3 months” I want to add 2 additional rows with each row being assigned a future date for the service to be performed. Is there an alternative way I can do this e.g. Add rows for the different periods up to 12 months which would add 12 lines or rows…
This is critical for client’s requirements…

I’m not aware of any limit, what’s stopping you from adding more than 5?

I know that it can get a bit awkward once you’ve added enough to get to the extreme right edge of the screen, because the horizontal scroll in the action editor doesn’t work properly. But you can work around that by zooming in and out. I think the most conditions I’ve ever added in a single action sequence is about 12.

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Hi Darren,
thanks for this, I think I battled to see the horizontal scroll at the bottom. It can get very tricky. After adding about 5 conditions, it just disappeared from the screen and I could not locate the horizontal scroll probably because I was not aware that it should be there :see_no_evil:
Again…Thanks, much appreciated :pray:

Actually on my device, I think it uses the “pan” method where I have to use the hand appearing on the screen to pull or swipe the actions to reveal those that are hidden…I guess we learn everyday :grinning:

Well, I wasn’t even aware there was a scroll bar. I just use two finger scrolling for everything :wink:


Just getting back to this, so I guess you’re trying to do something like:

  • If period == 1
    – Add Row
  • If period == 2
    – Add Row
    – Add Row
  • If period == 3
    – Add Row
    – Add Row
    – Add Row
  • etc…


Whilst that will work okay for smallish numbers, it won’t scale very well. I recently had to do something similar, where a client wanted to be able to add anywhere between 1 and 52 rows with a single click. The approach I took went something along the following lines:

  • Created a helper table with 52 rows
  • Constructed a JSON object for each row
  • Rolled these up into a collection
  • Posted to Make via a webhook
  • Inserted the rows back into Glide via the API

It takes a lot more effort to set something like that up, but it’s a very robust solution that’s low maintenance, and easily extendable. eg. if my client comes back in a few months and says they’d like to be able to add up to 100 rows, all I have to do is add some extra rows to my helper table.

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This is very intuitive and quite smart. Luckily in my case my upper limit is 12 since I am working with months :wink: but I have book marked this suggestion. It will definitely come in handy…
Thanks for sharing…much appreciated :grinning:

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I am at 27 conditions :smile:


Make sure you have a back up for that button/component :joy::wink:…I can’t imagine the pain of having to redo all of that if something was to happen to it…

Now that’s just being silly :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:

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Sometimes I use the if conditions in a template to avoid adding the same action filters if I have more than one button action and to save the time as well, also it Happens that sometimes I use an if template within the action if because we can’t have nested filters or paths

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More like normalizations of geographic data.

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