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The action editor is the most powerful feature of glide. It’s one limitation is that conditions are only allowed at the root level. Would love the feature to check one condition, make one change (like an increment or set column) and then continue the workflow/path contained in a separate condition. Kind of hard to explain in words. Watch the video below to see what I mean.

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@Jeff_Hager also mentions a version of this issue in the third bullet point of a recent post below:


This would be great :+1:

Oops i asked for the same thing but didn’t know it was there :wink:
It’s a bummer and would be great among other things to erase a column for exemple whole or partial.

Have you noticed that an If Then without an else in Actions acts like a Visibility Condition for a Component? Not sure if this is a bug or feature?! :laughing:

How might multiple If Thens in Actions impact Visibility?

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I’m guessing if there is not a current matching path for a component (button) to fall through, then it just won’t display the component because it wouldn’t do anything anyway??? I’ve seen other posts where people have have components disappear. Possibly due to an empty relation or something that would prevent all the actions from running through a particular path.


Hi @Robert_Petitto ,
Roughly one year later… :timer_clock:
Have you been able to find a solution for this, apart from going to Integromat?

I wish…I just brought it up to @mark the other day…but not sure it’s on Glides roadmap

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I had this problem pretty quickly stand I started with GLIDE.

It seems to me that the joint use of AND and OR, and their use in a long way that it requires the use of parentheses cannot be achieved in the current structure of GLIDE.

The fact is that GLIDE’s approach is a column approach unlike the approaches of spreadsheets like Excel which is a cell approach.

To achieve this, Glide would have to introduce the possibility of creating rows that have the same functionality as columns. One could then apply the joint use of OR and AND to a cell, a range of cells, an entire row, and an entire column.

Hello, are there any news about this feature ? :cry:
It will be a game-changer for developing even greater app

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This would be super useful. They could also just allow us to write javascript in an action. that would be extremely powerful.

This would be so incredibly useful. My action trees look like this due to just one value that needs to differ based on a condition.

Just saw a sneak peek of things to come that will blow your mind. Can’t wait! :shushing_face:

hehe, me too. And I liked what I saw :smiley:

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Come on spill the beans! I thought Glide’s tech and product teams were up to something, it’s been sooo quiet lately. And we know what that means :slight_smile:

If nesting actions within action trees is part of it, I think I’ll cry

I don’t know what I’m allowed to share (I’ve gotten in trouble before :upside_down_face:), so all I’ll say is that Glide is about to 10x the action editor :mechanical_arm:


Let’s not get anyone in trouble then, that’s more than enough information. It’s exciting, I hope the wait won’t be too long!

Me neither…I already need it for an app I’m building. I’m guessing end of Q1 (but hopefully much sooner).