Add columns + add & view several row at once

Hi everyone,
Since I discovered glideapp i see so much potential in using this service.
But I still hesitate to go pro because of a few crucial features that I still see missing.

1/ The ability to add a row. Let’s say I have an organization and each employee can assume different role, I cannot just add a colum for each role, I have to prepare a set number of columns dedicated to employee’s roles.

2/ The ability to add 2 or more rows at once. Let’s say i’m building a point of sale app or a bookkeeping app, if one client buys several items, I cannot allocate one row per item at once, I have to add each row/item a a time.

3/ Also to have the ability to collect the information for more than 1 row at a time (for the same purpose, if I want to see the bill of one client, on the same date, each row being a separate item, I won’t be able to have a bill collecting all the items purchased by the same client at the same time)

I’m not sure about number 2. That would either require you to create a Google script or rethink your data layout.

1 and 3 should be pretty easy.
1 Instead of putting roles in columns in the user row, create another sheet to hold user email and a role in only 2 columns. Then create a row for each role instead of a column. Then you are virtually unlimited in the number of roles for a user. Simply create a relation column to link the user and roles sheet and a lookup to return the array of roles to the user sheet.

3 This should be doable with the right relations to display a list of related items and a rollup to show a total price of all items.

Okay, I might need some help to do some of the proposed solutions. I’ll get back to you. Thanks.


Feel free to post your questions here, we’ll try to help.