📱💬 How to Send a Twilio Text Notification from Glide

Want to use Twilio to send SMS messages / text notifications?

In this tutorial, I’ll show you:

  1. How to Setup your Twilio Account
  2. How to Purchase a Twilio Number
  3. How to Connect Your Twilio Account to Zapier
  4. How to Trigger & Send a Twilio Message from a Glide Webhook

What happens when someone replies to one of your Twilio messages?

I’ll also show you how to create a custom Twilio Studio Flow to:

  1. Forward inbound messages to your phone number
  2. Reply with a custom response to the number that texted you

Nice. Twilio is one of those platforms I haven’t explored too deeply. Thanks for the content.


Great one! Just a notice for those in the same position as me, I’m in Vietnam, where the government/service providers require you to have some documents submitted and approved to send Twilio messages. I heard the process would take quite a long time, so if your country is the same and you want to apply this, please be aware.

I believe some international services did not do this and I’m stuck at the “receive confirmation code” for some of those. It never arrives.


I was peaking around the Twilio forums today and there is so much for to Twilio than just text messages.

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Oh I know. A recent implementation of a client of mine was to have a list of users anonymize their phone numbers with Twilio numbers so that way when they send SMS messages it comes from an anonymous number linked to their actual number (like Google Voice).

It required a webhook to create the number in Twilio and then we were able to fetch it using the fetch column. We could’ve also used Integromat to send the number back to the sheet, but the round-trip would’ve taken too long.