Log Inbound Twilio SMS messages

Hey y’all! I’ve been using Google Sheets to log inbound texts to Twilio but I’m trying to upgrade to Glide BigTables as it’s starting to get unruly… Has anyone found a good workaround for that?

I posted the full code to Stack Overflow: android glide - Twilio & posting to external API --- Import Statement Error - Stack Overflow

Is it an option for you to try the cURL option instead? I have always used that and it hasn’t been a problem for me.

are you passing it through a Make or Zapier? The reason I was using JS was so I could make it instant via a Twilio function. Do you have another workaround for that?

Ah, I have always used Make for that. Haven’t tried directly in Twilio. What options do they give you?

Yeah, I would LOVE to make that work. Twilio and Make only offer a scheduled retrieval of messages instead of instant. It’s not the end of the world, but I had started using (Send SMS Notifications from Google Sheets with Twilio) to make it instant via a Twilio JS function. Works great btw…

What I was trying to do was adjust that function to post to the GlideTable instead of the Google Sheet.

My dream is to have all communications on one table for sorting, and the make/sheets interactions required lots of queries and duplicated data to get it all in one place since calls/sms/emails all are coming from different channels and hard to consolidate into a cohesive representation of our communications.

Go to Phone Numbers > Manage > Active Numbers and select the number you’re using.

Now add a webhook module as a starter in a Make scenario and copy paste its link here. This is the section “Messaging Configuration”.

Go back to Make, add a second module like this.

Now I believe it will work instantly for you. You can add a HTTP module to communicate with Glide Tables later on in this flow.


You’re a GENIUS! Thank you! YOu have no idea how many hours I spent trying to code that myself… I’m so dumb sometimes :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, we’re always here to help :smile:

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