T connecting google sheet with Twilio

Looking for help with connecting google sheet with Twilio

The idea is:

A person leaves his number in a form that goes to the sheet.

Then a driver who wants to take the drive marks a cell in the row of the passenger’s phone number.

Once the driver marks the cell as true, the passenger phone number and driver phone number need to be sent to Twilio, which will return to the sheet a fake and temporary phone numbers.

Which are then sent to driver and passenger so they can call each other but only for 3 hours (or less).

After 3 hours the numbers should not work if they want to call each other again.

This is in public beta (Twilio Proxy API for Mobile Workforce), and the docs for the API can be found here: Twilio Proxy REST API for masked communications - Twilio.

Send me price offer for this and how much will it cost monthly for 100 times a day