Push Notifications Work Around

Here is a simple work around to send Push Notifications for your GlideApp through a text messaging platform.

Using a business text messaging platform like Textedly, SimpleTexting or TextMagic just set up a dedicated text messaging phone #. Most have free trial or starter plans with low monthly limits. (You can use Twilio too if you have some coding knowledge.)

Then set up an autoresponder that will respond to any incoming text messages. You will also want to assign your keyword that activates the autoresponder with a word such as ‘PUSH’ that we used in the code example below. You can use any word as a keyword.

Then create a button in Glide and choose the the action 'Open as link" using this short SMS code placed in your Google sheet as the associated Data:


This code open your phone’s text messaging client and populates an SMS text message with the keyword ‘PUSH’. Your user sends this text.

Your first reply message should confirm the users Opt-in by telling them why they are getting your text and asking them to respond with “YES” to confirm their desire to receive your updates. (You should also indicate terms such as how many time per month they can expect messages and that ‘Data and calling charges may apply’, Send STOP to unsubscribe,etc…)

That’s it, now anytime you have an app or content update on your GlideApp for users that requested updates, just go into your text messaging account and send a bulk update via text message.




Did you get this to work fully? I am looking to do this for a specific situation and would love some insight:

  • User who is registered for an event (the event has a date & a time)
  • I want the user to recieve a text message at the event date & time
  • The user needs to respond with TRUE/FALSE (or whatever)
  • Register this within the google sheets field required

Looking for any ideas around this or demos that people have seen!

Achieved something similar with WhatsApp notifications.
Check the thread below:

If you want to experience how this works try out wfhome.glideapp.io

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