Push Notifications partner app

I’ve been doing some looking but I can’t quite find what I need. Maybe others have been down this rabbit hole already and can help me.

The lack of push notifications is obviously a big issue for most glide apps on iOS. But I’m sure there must be a notification app for iOS that can be hit via a webhook/integromat? Does this exist? I guess what I’m thinking is that a user can download a notification app to work in parallel with my glide app. But it’s sole purpose is to push notifications.

Surely there’s something out there to facilitate this??

You can use webhooks to send sms or mms. You could also use actions within google sheets to automate a email message when an event occus as well.

Sorry. Maybe I didn’t give enough detail there. I’m currently triggering an email and/or mms using integromat and gmail/twillio. People expect a push notification though and email isn’t the most reliable notification method. SMS is good but it’s not free. I’m questioning if anyone has piggy backed off another app just to push notifications to the user. Initially I thought to maybe make an entry in their google calendar or something so I could use that as a method to “remind” them of an event in my app. But then I thought there must be a notification app already for this or a similar purpose. I see ones in the App Store that filter your notifications etc but can’t find one exactly for the purpose I want it. I’d like it to be able to trigger an api and then have it push to the user. Hopefully this gives it more context?

I can’t really say I’m a fan of this workaround but you may be inspired here…


You can use email and convert to sms. I actually wrote a tutorial on this a year ago. It has no cost to you.

Thanks. But I don’t know the carrier for each number I’m pushing to. I assume that’s a requirement for this method?

Yes, but you can set it up for the users to select their carrier and as long as you have it append correctly it will do the rest for you.

It’s important to note that not all carriers support the email to sms gateway. I’ve run into the issue a few times with low budget carriers in Canada and had to have a work-around for those users to simply receive emails.