Native Glide - Android App with Push Notifications

So here is my first build for native android app with glide as its source inside.
So the APK is basically a container for the glide app.
I have incorporated Location and File Access to choose photos and such.
Also the thing i want to showcase is “Push Notifications”.
I have given a form inside once you complete the sign up. You can schedule push notifications for yourself.
Once complete testing achieved, putting on playstore should be easy.
IOS app is in the making with similar process.

For my Android Lovers and Glide enthusiasts,
App Link is here:

I would love to hear reviews and bugs.


Once I have iPhone, I can’t test it :confused:
But I’d love to see how the notifications work natively in the app

Hey @Lucas_Pires
Something like this would show in the notification.

If you click on it, the app opens up!
We can also use it to redirect to deeplinks within the app.
An image can be added.
App logo can be changed to custom.


Thats some good stuff man, When we click on the notification can we open the deep links too?

Yes, Its possible to do that as well!


Thats as awesome!

I tried but it’s not working on my pixel 4a.The notification doesn’t appear

Can you try again?

I did it. But nothing appear on my phone.

I crashed the app > then I relaunched > and I created 2 notifications.

It shows delivered to me!

Xiaomi redmi 8t. notification delivered :+1:

Ia this user specific so only notification that is I assign will be sent to me only?

Yes sir…

Great job. :clap:

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Download Android Studio And Use The Built In Emulator To Test APK’s. Either Android Studio Or a program called bluestacks. Bluestacks is a program that creates a fully operating android device on your machine.


Thanks @Chad1

for me, notifications are very important to notify, all kinds of info to buyers or clients…

I hope that Glide can make my wishes come true, without having to go through third party applications, such as integromats or the like…

Great work, but when i tested in on 2 occassions:

  1. scheduling it = it appeared 4 hours later
  2. immediate = didn’t appear at all.

Is there a timezone issue with the app?

can you tell us how you did it?

Possibly! I am based in India(GMT +0530)!
I have coded according to my timezone! The immediate one could have been in the past! I will look into it!