Text Entry Question - Saving or Editing data

Hello, community,
I need some help or enlightenment here:

The users enter the information in the field, and it goes straight to the Google sheet/database or Glid Database without notifying the user data is saved o has been edited; how to show the users that data is being saved or modified in the database with a notification. Or how to improve this, or maybe once they hit enter or move to the following field and see a message that data is saving.
Since there are several input fields, how to simplify this and not create a save button for each field? Ideally, a notification or icon appears when they edit or hit enter.

@Darren_Murphy, if I can have your observations here would be appreciated; thank you in advance.

If you’re using an entry component on top of a details screen, then the information is always edited directly into your database. Maybe you can just add a hint component at the top that this is the behaviour.

Is there a reason you don’t use a normal add/edit screen?

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Hello @ThinhDinh, thank you for your message; I thought I used a standard add/edit screen with the text entry input field. Could you show me, if possible, the “normal add/edit screen”? It will help a lot.

In your actions, “Show form screen” would open a normal add screen, “Show edit screen” would open an edit screen.

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