Create a save button


I am creating an application on Glide for my future programme. I want to create a tab my information in which my customers can save their personal information such as Name, First name, email address, age…

How can I create a save button so that their information comes directly into my google sheets and stays saved on their information tabs.

Also, it would be nice if the customer changed any of their information (email) and it would automatically update in my Google Sheets.

Thank you in advance for your help.

if your Users Profile sheet is in google sheets, it will happen automatically, if not… you have to create a button with custom action… set columns in relation to user email


This might be helpful

I think it’s overall bad practice to allow users to change emails (especially if you’re doing relations based on the user’s email address).

However on any edit screen, or actually, on any screen where you add entry components, if the user adds data to that component, it’s immediately saved by default. You could add a dummy “save” button for UI purposes, but the data was saved the moment the user entered the data in the entry component.