Template is not loading pls help!

I want to copy a template from a youtuber but I just get sent to a blank page that only has the menu on the side with the teams. this is the template: https://go.glideapps.com/template/rALCVvNqesgHqW9SaNdU-template-published/dl/6471c6/s/2c4a17/r/EuhygZuhTKqGvY2dDCse1g

More details please. Who’s template is it? What’s the youtube link? Private templates are currently not sharable.

Its Darrens this video:Create a Client Portal with No Code in 2 Minutes Using @glideapps - YouTube

I believe that’s a private/unpublished template.
Like I said, currently they can’t be shared.

@darren can you help out here?

what would you suggest I do because idk how to build it on my own and I wanted to use this tutorial: No Code Customer Portal [#1] Create Your Client's Profile - YouTube but my starting point looks different so i get lost

I tagged Darren. Just wait and see if he responds and can help you get the template.

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