Tables from Airtable that i copied don't allow me to delete rows. Also doesn't show new data

Hi everyone,
I initially used airtable but decided to just bring everything into glide sheets. So i copied the airtable table (which created a new glide table), then deleted and unlinked the airtable table. Made all my connections and everything seemed to be working fine.

Once i tried to add a new row into my new table, i noticed it wasn’t displaying it in the app. I also noticed that i wasn’t able to delete a row from these copied tables. Looks like there is something being applied to these tables. I tried to duplicate these duplicated tables, and the same types of locks applied.

Am i missing anything?

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I think I was in the same spot last week, albeit it was a table I created from uploading a CSV.

Please submit your video to the support team.

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Same with me, with an imported XLS Table. A few days ago.

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