Table Info Auto Deletes

Anyone have an issue where some of the table data is deleted by itself after closing the app?

That’s weird. What backend are you using (Sheets, Glide Tables, Airtable, Excel etc)? Can you reproduce the problem in a video?

Sorry, for the late reply. I’m using Airtable for that section.

I don’t have any video software installed but I can produce screen shots in steps to show what I experience.

The info on the 4th screen shoot still remains. It’s starts on 6th.

Most of the columns in the tables shown in your screen shots are User Specific.
Is that intentional?
With user specific columns, each user has their own version of the data. Data created by one user is not visible to any other users. This may explain why the data appears to be disappearing - that would happen as you view the App as different users.

Although I’m not an AirTable user, my understanding is that when creating new basic columns, you must create them in AirTable and allow them to sync to Glide. If you create them in Glide, they will always be user specific.

by the way…

It’s free, and it’s easy to use.

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I was under the impression that Airtable gets updated when adding new rows in the glide editor. I just login in to Airtable and saw that the rows are still the same as before. I add the rows into airtable.

I notice everyone using Loom. I thought it was just an upload site. Will check it out.

Okay, so I just reset up my columns in the Glide table as there where some column features that wouldn’t be reproduced in AirTable. You were correct with the issue.

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