Tab Visibility Issue- Hiding Tabs


One of my tabs is not applying the correct tab visibility set. I have 3 tabs that should only be seen by businesses and one tab that should only be seen by the public.

In my user profile sheet, I have a Relation then Lookup setup bringing over the email addresses that are found in the business directory sheet. If the signed-in user email address does not match one in the business sheet, the cell is blank in the lookup column, and if they are a business it’s filled in with their email address.

For tab visibility, I have the 3 business tabs I have is set to show when the Lookup column is not empty and that their email address is signed-in user. That seems to be working.

For the one public tab, however, when I switch my view to a non-business email, this tab does not show up. One of the business tabs shows ups instead. Not sure what’s wrong, this is pretty easy setup.


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This is in the app editor only, and should not happen in your apps:

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I see! Thanks David! It seems to working from the mobile app side, it wasn’t before. In the app editior however only one tab shows up when I switch to a non-business email not all 4 tabs.