BUG in tabs visiblity

Hi Glider

I have a bug with tabs visibility.

when moving from signed user to view un signed user and then again back to signed user i don’t see anymore all the tabs that I should see.

anyone else encounter this bug?

link to bug in video: https://www.loom.com/share/9da61ffb84a6451698b74fe70416d461



Yes, I get that in the editor, reloading the page or the app ususally fixes it

I know it does but it is not suppose to be like that. Or at least it wasn’t until now

It happens, they are probably changing or testing something to the editor, it will eventually fix itself

Same to me.
Tab visibility not working

I’m finding it necessary to do a Browser refresh when switching users (in preview as) when the users have different visibility conditions configured. After the refresh, everything works properly — tab visibility, filtering conditions, etc.


The same here.
I have to reload the editor to apply the tab condition visibility

Yeah, me too.

Just realized it’s happening to me too…

Same same… been getting this sort of behaviour for several days in a new app I’m building. Every now and then the frustration gets the better of me, so I delete everything from my User Profiles sheet and start afresh.

Just got support answer with this:

This is an issue we are aware of but affect the Glide builder and not the live apps. The fix for this is being worked on but is combined with other changes to how Preview works in the builder so it’s not a quick fix. It is a high priority and should be deployed in a few weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience, we will get it fixed.

I guess we need to wait


yeah, that makes sense and is pretty much what I have observed.
Good to know that a fix is on the way :+1: