Tab visibility bug

Anyone else having an issue with tabs lingering on screen despite visibility conditions being met for them to disappear?

A client app has 2 tabs set to disappear when a ‘profile increment’ column equals 1, but the tabs don’t visibly disappear from the screen, despite the tab icon in the bottom navigation disappearing when the condition is met.


Happening on two separate apps now.

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I have the same problem, below a post I have redirected here:

I have 2 problems, and to make them bad, they happened today when I internally launched the app!

  1. In some tabs’ visibility, I have made that one tab (Onboarding) is visible only when, in the relative row of the signed in email, I have “Has Profile” column not empty. That has profile value is incremented by one, and that happens when the name has been filled and the “Done” button has been pressed. When that happens, Onboarding tab disappears and all the other tabs appear. That worked well yesterday, not today; in particular the many users that signed in did not see the onboarding tab but only the first other tab (and nothing else). The rule was not changed, and indeed the “Has profile” was not incremented. I incremented manually from Google Sheet, and still no sign of any tab except the first one after Onboarding.
    To solve this, I had to remove the condition for “Has profile” is not empty and let all the tabs visible. Did something happen overnight (I am in Australia…)? Please solve this ASAP
  2. I welcomed the fact that emails were anonymized in the Google sheet, but they were still reported right when tapping on the profile in the app. However, now the anonymized values are also shown in the Profile in the app. It is a little confusing for the users! Please solve this ASAP

I can reproduce the problem.

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Please sent a link to your app and a video showing the issue to

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I am seeing the Tab Visibility discrepancy as well. The top two tabs shouldn’t be visible because of the Visibility Conditions I have set and it was working last night. However, in the past few hours something happened where Users are being point to “Notifications” tab when and seeing nothing there. The visibility settings pulls from the Users sheet line item that is filled with the latest date. If there is not a matching date, “is within = TODAY”, those tabs should not be visible.

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 5.00.52 PM

I used our app about 2:00 pm CST and it was working properly. I didn’t use the app for another till 3:44CST when I noticed it.

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We’ve identified the issue, it should be fixed in 15 minutes.


Thank you @david

Same same same - my entire app is broken. I can’t even put up the “down for maintenance” screen because that too is based on visibility settings :sob:

Thank you for hopefully fixing this!!!

This should be fixed now. Can you please reopen your app and confirm?

Works on my APP installation location. Still showing up in the editor that way as far as I can tell.

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It took a bunch of reloads but it’s now fixed on my app, phew! It is still “broken” in the builder though - is that expected behavior now? I don’t mind this since it was always a pain having to change my visibility settings each time I wanted to work on a hidden tab…but if this is a bug, that’s what’s happening!

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appears to be fine. thanks

The builder is now allowed to see “invisible” tabs regardless of rules to enable editing them. They shouldn’t show up int he tab bar, but it wont kick you out of the tab.