Visibility doesn't work , can't click

Describe the bug:
In my app main area I set a visibility condition but then I tryied to erase it and it’s not there anymore, plus I can’t add any other condition, I click the button “+Add condition” and it doesn’t work

Expected Behaviour:
The first condition I added needed to be there, also when I click “+Add condition” it would open the condition

How to replicate:
I think it’s a bug only in this page of the app, because when I create new pages the visibility works fine


Can you share a support link to this app?

Are you trying to set visibility on the entire tab, or set a filter in the inline list within that tab?

Also, do you have user profiles configured? The visibility you are setting is based only on values in a user profile table, but I can’t tell if you have a user table or not.

To me, it seems like you are wanting to change a filter on the inline list but you are looking at the settings for the tab instead.

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Hi, Santiago, thanks for responding me, I dont know how to generate this link, I tryied to found this information but I couldnt, could you show me how?

Hi Jess, i’m trying to set visibility on the entire tab, but when I click it doesn’t work properly.

I dont have user profiles configured.

The visibility component is not working


Sure! Here you have info on how to get it.

here is it: Glide

You can’t use Tab Visibility if you don’t have User Profiles configured.

Glide tells you this when you try to do it.

Screen Shot 2022-09-30 at 8.55.26 AM

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I see Darren, but for me Glide is not saying that, it shows the standard text different from that one in your message. What’s wrong here is that Glide don’t let me click on it. Have you see the video in the first message?

Also, my app doesnt have login for users, its a public app

@SantiagoPerez did you see the support link I sent?

Doing it right now.

If you don’t have a user profile table, user profiles configured, and don’t require users to log in at all, I don’t see how you could use tab visibility. Tab visibility ONLY works with a specific value in a signed in user’s profile row.

Also, you only have one tab, so I don’t understand why you would want to control visibility of the tab. If you had a condition to hide the tab, then nothing would show in the app as there would not be any tabs to show.

I will reiterate what I mentioned above:

Check the filters on the list within the tab. Not the visibility on the tab.


Hi @feromao,

As @Jeff_Hager and @Darren_Murphy have mentioned you do need to set up the user profile. I just did a test with your support link and setting it up lets you set your visibility condition.



@Jeff_Hager you was completly right, reading your recent response I could understand what u was trying to say, as my app did not require users login was confusing of why you was telling me to configure something i dont want to, and lost read the “to change a filter on the inline list but you are looking at the settings for the tab instead”.

It was not a bug, its just me confunsing things. Now I found the filter in the inline list and changed it.

Sorry for the mess guys, but thank you SO much with the patience with me

CC: @SantiagoPerez


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