Tab Visibility not working?

Dear Community,

I have setup the User Profile, however when I try to apply visibility conditions, it failed to match the title I have preset. Any advice on this?


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In my sheet, I have set the Title correctly

You need to add a filter and filter this:
“signed-in user”

Hi Jorge,

Thanks for replying. Actually I’m trying to hide a tab, and it link to a blank sheet, so the filter shows empty data to set filter

In its settings it says “or” changing it to “and”

By the way ¡Welcome to Glide!

Hi Jorge, thanks for welcoming. I just started last week, found that Glide really beneficial for beginners like me :slight_smile:

Btw, I have tried but it seems like is not related to Filter but more to the Visibility. From pic 1 you can see that I’ve filter if Title is Onwer, and my user profile John’s title is Owner, however the tab was couldn’t show even I tried with other title.

Appreciate if you could advise me on this *please

Oh, it solved, I just wait, refresh and it works now, thanks

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