Tab Filters

Have had a user onboarding that was working for a while, nothing changed and now the tab filter that was hiding it after it was filled out won’t go away or let the user populate. I went to update it to see what was going on, and when I show when it is not empty it shows, even though there is no value in that field. Then when I flip it to show when empty it shows even though there is a value in the field.

Trying to see why.

Any one else having a filter issue?

Can you give us some screenshots or a video of the bug in action? Thank you.

shows when it is not empty

those on the right should be in the menu they have no conditions and are still not visible in the menu.

I think it is bug with glide from a very recent update

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the logic seems to be reversed when I test it

I think you should contact their support here:

Can you show the value in the sheet that the condition is checking against?

my onboarding add ‘Setup’ which would then populate the field, and the field is set to be visible only when empty.

yes, but what’s the value in the sheet? Hard to tell if the value is truly empty or not without seeing it or how the onboarding-status is set.