App suddenly not working as it was before

My app’s URL: Glide · Create Apps from Google Sheets

I copied a tutorial on how to do on-boarding. Everything was working great until yesterday.
Correctly, tabs were ‘disappearing’ as soon as the relevant info was submitted.
Upon this submission the following tab (one of two options) would appear depending on the option selected.
After submitting the additional info this tab would ‘disappear’ and go to the first proper/usable tab of the app.

Info is showing up just fine. To me it seems like the visibility/rules that don’t seem to be functioning properly now - even when I invert the rules the screen stays the same.
After submitting, if I select a different tab/option/menu or ‘go back’ and then open the menu then the tab is no longer available.

This was working automatically yesterday morning (probably about 36 hours ago).

Is anyone else experiencing any issues at the moment?

I’d love to figure out if it’s something I’ve done and how to fix it but I need to get this working ASAP…

Thanks a lot

Are you observing this on a device, or just in the new builder?

If in the (new) builder, that’s a known issue that is being addressed by Glide.

Device, old builder and new builder (tested this just a short while ago)

I’d say that it’s unlikely to be a bug, otherwise others would be reporting it.
Are you positive that you haven’t made any changes that could have caused this?
Perhaps if you could provide a few screenshots to show your setup (or even a short video)?

Do you happen to have any increments in your onboarding process?

There was a period yesterday where we experienced tab visibility problems in the real app. Users were taken back to the onboarding tab and pushed an increment button without any results.

When things are normal again, their “incremented” number does not fit the tab visibility conditions. I have to go and fix all of that manually.

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I didn’t see this additional notice/announcement you posted with the reply.

This does make sense now from the builder perspective. It was causing me a lot of confusion and maybe looked like the tab(s) weren’t going invisible.
I tried the app on the builder with this in mind and it all seems to be working from that point of view.

I can’t really tell on a/the device. I’m having trouble with the login and pins and the app going straight to an ‘edit profile’ instead of the ‘Welcome’ screen. I’ll try understand/sort this issue and then post again…

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It seems like something I was experiencing. I was editing on the tables/datasheets and things weren’t making sense but (with the tabs still showing up comment above) it seems fine on the builder now.

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I’m also experiencing problems with tab visibility and increments. The increments in my onboarding process have been working perfectly for months and now they don’t. If I want to preview as a particular user to check the increment tab process, none of the tabs show up on the bottom menu and users can’t properly move through the set of tabs to submit their information and use the app.

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Others have started reporting it…

And mentioned here between you guys 2 days ago… (maybe it’s something else but seems just about the same issue to me)
yinon_raviv](Profile - yinon_raviv - Glide Community) Certified Expert 1 2d

Yes, @david and @Jason said they plan to fix this on Tuesday.

This is the current status of the app on my device. I clear browser history, open the app, login with google and it seems in order.
Sign out and log in with a different profile and there is nothing. The same thing occurs consistently.
I got someone to log in on an iphone and they started the onboarding process and then got the blank screen of death.
I asked someone else to do a new profile and it just gave them the loading ‘circle/donut’

Through the course of the day I’ve learnt how to make screen recordings - will try edit them in future…

Thanks, yeah, I did pick up that there would be some sort of fix on Tuesday. I posted this because the message to me was that if it were a bug people would be highlighting it. For most of the weekend I was doubting and trouble shooting and it’s been frustrating but after I read about the tab issue, things made more sense.

But I’m just not getting what is happening here (and maybe it’s part of the same problem or maybe it’s me…)

Is this part of the fix on Tuesday?

The problem is sorted. There was a visibility setting that changed (not sure if/how I did/managed to do that). The other tab issues were just a coincidence and added to the/my confusion.
In the IF/THEN field the date of birth field option was blank (didn’t have a ‘False’ default) this resulted in all the new members/sign-ups screens disappearing as soon as they started completing the profile.
Resetting cookies allowed this to reset but when signing in older users were fine and new users would cut out again.
At least I learnt to use Loom this weekend - definitely speeds up the debugging process…
Thanks for the help @eltintero