🆕 Please try the new Glide builder

Same - I have a Pro and I only have 2GB for Images & Files…

very problematic if this is intended and not a bug.

still have the bug part where I can’t access the tabs after moving to the menu part and back

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I did not find the delete button to remove the component on the right side panel, this is difficult.

Wouldnt one component be even better? Where you choose date only or date + time?

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Absolutely :+1:

We are working on improving what happens in the builder when tab visibility changes. Right now, we intentionally do not remove the current tab from view when it becomes invisible so that it does not disappear while you are editing it, but this breaks the feedback loop. We should have a better solution in place by Tuesday.

We will also let you select and edit hidden tabs.

Rest assured that tabs are still removed from view when they become invisible in apps.


Hey, I’m not sure if I’m correct here, but I’m missing the “Allow users to delete items” option.
I’m jus starting with glide and found a video (Adding, editing & deleting - Glide Library) which explains this.
But in my app builder, there appears no option “Allow users to delete items”, when I allow users to edit.

Thanks in advance!

Sorry! Problem solved ! Found it this minute!

I’m still being confused with the “disparition” of the title of some of the components.
Being able to double-clic and name is nice, but when we do so, we don’t know any more what component it is

[Edit] On new components, I have both the type of component + the title entered when double cliqued, but not on others …


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Definitely an upgrade! Few QoL suggestions:

  1. Move “Hidden Tabs” to their own section just like Menu. Ideally at the bottom.
  2. Would love the option to hide (and or resize) the left section, specifically while viewing Tables to make room for more columns on the screen.
  3. It would be nice to have the option to reposition each section. Example in the picture below the current setup is 1-2-3. But I would prefer to have 1-3-2. Or Maybe 2-3-1. Or whatever flows best for me.

Love the right click > delete tabs option, but the “Delete” button is same font as tab title —can we make it stand out a bit?
Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 10.45.38 PM


Hi David! Thank you for the next update possible to try!
Let me offer to improve little beat this new Builder by adding the same “Is required?” check-box in the new Layout tab, like it was in the old one.

Thank you in advance!

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As I see in your screen shot you have a Text Entry right in your detailed screen. Nowadays “Required” checkbox is available in Edit, Add option and Form button

I little advice - but perhaps not known for most of you are reading this - is right-click on the component in phone mockup opens its settings on right side. I’ve been using it for a long time, and this is helping me a lot, even in this new layout.


Oh, yes, Lucas, thank you.

David, sorry, seems it works ))

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Good idea, done

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The new behavior will be in staging soon. But to give you a preview this is the compromise. Basically if the visibility condition changes such that the currently visible tab would suddenly hide out from under you this will pop up. You can click “Preview anyway” and it will just dismiss the overlay. Clicking hide screen will cause the builder to transfer to the next tab like it would automatically do in the player.


Has anyone tried pressing alt+1 alt+2 or alt+3?


Hi can you please explain this bug to me?

In any particular context?
No alt key on a Mac, but Option+1,2,3 doesn’t appear to do anything.