Tab visibility check - what am I doing wrong?!

Hi Guys,

Quick help here please… best explained with the little video:

Thanks in advance…

FYI - the visibility seems to work correctly when I use the App on my iPhone, e.g. when I login to the App as that user. It just doesn’t behave as expected when I am editing the Glide App on the Glide platform…

Looks okay to me… just a couple of things

  • Your video starts with you viewing as yourself and sitting on the Welcome screen, but you don’t show how you got to that screen. ie. did you click on the tab name in the left column? If yes, did you get a message then that the tab is hidden? Based on what I saw, I would have expected that you would have.
  • For most of the video, you were viewing as “nobody”, so it makes sense that the SFX tab would be hidden

Thanks Darren for looking.

It doesn’t seem to matter if I view as ‘nobody’ or the last user in the User Table, the visibility is as in the video. It’s strange because when I choose to view as the first or second user in the User Table, the visibility works as I expected.

To your question ‘how did I get to that screen?’… yes, I clicked on the tab name in the left column; basically simulating a new user who would see the welcome tab with the other 2 hidden.

The whole things works properly when I use the app on my iPhone or if I click the link top right in the Glide window to open a tab on my desktop to simulate the App. So I guess you have to actually sign in to the App for the visibility conditions to work properly. A little surprising since I thought the ‘view as…’ option truly simulates what that user will see assuming they are signed in.

The tabs work properly now on the Glide platform too… I didn’t change anything so I can only assume something was not synching properly. Curious… but the issue has gone away now.