Tab visibility conditions are not effective - breach of sensitive data and/or creates bad UX

Onboarding screen is flashing for a few looong seconds upon every login. Any ideas how to reduce/fix this? @Mark Tab visibility should not flash hidden tabs like this because it breaches confidential sensitive data in the case of my other app, and here it’s just creating confusion/bad ux. Can you guys fix this? My app is public with email - I am trying to hide the onboarding screen when sign up process is completed.

I believe @Mark fixed this a few weeks ago, but it seems to be back! I haven’t been experiencing it since the fix rolled out a while ago, but based on your video, it seems like there’s still something going on with some apps.

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@Mark I was able to fix this by putting in a long list of conditions instead of using the profile done column in the GDE (Check if profile is done). Instead of 1 condition, I had to set 5 - but the problem went away. That’s a clue to help you guys, perhaps, fix the lag of checking the number column in the data editor. Of course we would all prefer to set fewer conditions than more, if possible. Thanks!

FYI, we just had an all-company meeting about a better group-level permissions system, that is easier to get right and gives you more confidence than using filters. We have some exciting ideas!


That’s amazing to hear! I will be sleeping better at night when we have ability to secure data for groups/companies! :sweat_smile: :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :blush: :grin:

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@Deena do you still have a reproducible test case for this?

When is the “profile is done” column set?

I have changed the conditions so I cannot reproduce it without changing them back…but I will do it if it will help. In the meantime, to answer your question, the condition was set here:

I tried using a couple of different conditions, (one at a time) such as Show tab when Profile Done Value is empty, and used the column ProfileDone (before the number column in the screenshot), Show tab when ProfileDone is False or is empty. Both conditions worked, but both create the flashing sign up screen issue. When I changed the conditions to Show tab when username is not empty AND gender is not empty AND Country is not empty AND date of birth is not empty, then the issue was resolved.

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