Screen Visibility Condition Issues

I have an onboarding screen that I use to onboard new users, the visibility condition on this screen is set as seen below:

This works as intended, however, every time someone launches the app, and the visibility condition is not satisfied (i.e. the screen should be hidden) it still popups up for a brief second before disappearing. See below, I am wondering if this is to be expected or is there something that I am doing wrong.

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mmm, that’s not normal.

What type of column is “Onboarding Completed”?
Is it a computed or non-computed column?
If it’s a computed column, that could possibly explain the delay - that is, it takes a moment for the computations to happen on the user device.

It is a Date & Time column, it stores the timestamp when the user completed the onboarding flow. The visibility condition just checks if the “Onboarding Completed” is empty or not, so there is no computation really.

Okay, that’s interesting.

Try switching the order of the tabs around. Make your Home Screen the first tab, and your Onboarding Screen the second tab.

See if that makes a difference.

But wouldn’t that defeat or break the onboarding flow? I want new users to see that screen/tab first.

It shouldn’t, as long as you have the reverse visibility condition on all other tabs.

Changed the order, didn’t help.

hmm, okay. I’m running out of ideas.

What are the privacy settings on your App?
Do you require sign in, or is it optional?

Sign in is required.

Maybe change the condition.
Right now you set to show the tab when a field is empty. try to do the opposite.
Create an “onboarding INcomplete” field and show tab when this field is NOT empty.

My thinking is that it takes time to load the value in the “Onboarding Completed” field, and for that loading time the field is indeed EMPTY.

Shouldn’t happen but worth a try maybe…

Tried doing this and it is still the same.

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I even tried using a boolean column but the problem persists. Have sent a support request to Glide let’s see if someone replies.

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FYI, for future readers of this thread.
The issue was that the field used in the visibility condition was set up as user specific. The reason that the screen briefly showed was because of a slight delay in getting the data for the logged in user.

Only in rare circumstances would you ever have a user specific column in the Profile/Users file as you would normally only allow the logged in user to write to their own row in that file.


This is a great example of where if a screen shot of the table was provided, we probably could have spotted that immediately, and saved a support request.


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