Problems with screen visibility when the app is loading

​​Hi everybody,

For some reason I have trouble when some of my apps are loading. Eventhoght for the visibility conditions certain screen shouldn’t be shown, in the moment of loading they apearing for a second and next desapear.

Is not big deal but the user gets confused since they think for a moment that didn’t complete correctly the sign up since is apearing again…

I atach a short video to show better what I mean.

Many thanks in advanced.

Screen visibility issue

Are your visibility conditions based on a computed column?

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Good moring,

In this case no, most are columns where we add a caracter when they summit the sign up form (nº1 for example).

Ex. Show tab if "x"column doesn’t equal 1.

Is that relevant? Many thanks.

Albert Puig

So it is a basic column, not a computed column?

My thinking was that if it’s a computed column, it will take a split second to calculate on the user’s device, hence the problem.

I haven’t noticed this in the new Glide Apps though. Is this a Classic App?

Good morning,

For the screen it should be shown there is a templete column, don’t know if that counts as a computed…

It’s a classic APP.

Thanks for your answers.


Just talking about conditional visibilities on components and tab level. Do you use computed columns for those?


I think I solved the issue puting the same computed column as a condition in “negative” at the previous screen so since both last the same to load, it’s shown the one it should be.

So, solved for now. Thanks for your advise.



Can you explain the “negative” part? I think it would benefit people who run into this in the future.

Sorry, wrong guess.

Still doesnt’t work. Open to other tips.



What about re-arranging your tabs?
Drag the one that’s causing a problem to the bottom of the list.

Hi Darren,

I tryed dragging the tab to the bottom like you said.

Surprise, it worked better for some users but not for others.

Work better in desktop and iphone rather than Android.

I tryed to put the tab in the lateral MENU and it worked perfect in all devices but next the tab is not shown when it’s supposed to be shown in the login step.

So, half success… Any other tips will be apreciate :wink:


Hi everybody,

Still struggeling with this issue. Anybody has other tips that might work?

Any help would be very apreciate.

Many thanks.